Built-in Newsletters with Unlimited Sending

WordPress and Woocommerce Email Marketing in Your Admin Dashboard

WordPress Users

Automatically create a list of your existing WordPress user accounts and start sending.

Woocommerce Customers

Automatically create a list of your existing and new Woocommerce customers.

Signup Forms

Connect Elementor Forms to your lists and assign your subscribers with ease!

Unlimited Lists and Segments

Create unlimited lists and segments based on clicks/opens/not open.

Build your lists the easy way

Capture Leads

Create unlimited lists and forms for your website to capture contact info, newsletters signups, volunteer forms, applications, and more. 

You can also import and export subscribers.

Design the perfect email

Email Features

Create custom emails or use our templates with an easy to use drag n drop email builders. You can even create your own templates and drip campaigns. 

Newsletter Emails

Design custom emails and send them right away or schedule them for later.

Latest Post Emails

Send your subscribers an email every time you publish a new blog post.

Welcome Emails

Create your custom welcome email and setup unique drip campaigns for each form.

Dozens of Templates

Design your own or use one of dozens of email templates with a drag n drop builder.

First Purchase Email

Send your Woocommerce customers a thank you email for their first purchase.

Emails by Product

Send emails to your customers based on previously purchased products.

Abandon Cart Emails

Create a serious of abandon cart emails when a customer doesn't complete checkout.

Emails by Category

Send emails to your customers based on previously purchased categories.

Revenue reports per email

Woocommerce Features

Custom design your transactional emails for Woocommerce, automate your campaigns based on buying habits, add abandon cart emails, and more. 

Save money while you make money

Sending Features

You can send unlimited emails for up to 50k subscribers and trust that our servers will deliver your emails to your subscribers’ inbox. 

Unlimited Emails

Yes, you read the right! No limits on the number of emails you can send.

Up to 50K Subscribers

The only limit we have is 50k subscribers! But send as many as emails you need.

No Monthly Fees

It's true! Avoid the monthly service fees from your current email provider.

SMTP Service

Dedicated servers with reliable deliverability and reputation management.

Revenue per Email

Easily view revenue reports for each email you send to your customers.

Click Rate

Track click rate easily and create segments based on who clicked certain emails.

Open Rate

Track open rates easily and create segments based on who opens certain emails.

Google Analytics

Integrate your emails with Google Analytics for better insight and conversion tracking.

Revenue reports per email

Statistics and Reporting

Track open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and not open rates. Create segments based on behavior and get a good understanding of your customers purchasing habits.